Dental digital X-rays displayed on a monitor

Digital X-rays

We use digital X-rays to detect cavities, spot gum disease, inspect your bone health, and monitor the status of any developing teeth.

  • Images are immediately available on a computer.
  • X-rays are clear and resizable for enhanced viewing.
  • Radiation exposure is significantly reduced compared to traditional X-rays.
  • No chemical or film processing makes them more environmentally friendly.
Intraoral camera devices used in dentistry

Intraoral Camera

With an intraoral camera, we can take clear, detailed images of your mouth to help us create treatment plans—and keep you in the loop about your oral health!

  • Patients can clearly see any issues that might otherwise be difficult to view.
  • Patients become an active participant in their dental care.
  • Images can be magnified for more precise diagnosis.
  • Images can be stored digitally or printed and used for before and after pictures.
The Isolite dental camera system held in a woman's hand

Isolite™ Patient Comfort System

The Isolite™ system is a handy, all-in-one device with a soft, flexible mouthpiece. It has many benefits for both the patient and the dentist.

  • The system allows you to relax your jaw for increased comfort.
  • It functions like an extra set of hands thanks to its useful suction capabilities.
  • The dental team gets much better visibility while working.
  • Its many features result in more efficient appointments.
Little girl smiling and laying down in a white room

Sedation Techniques

We practice sedation dentistry to make it easier for more people to get the dental care they need. Want to learn more about our sedation options? Visit our Comfort page!

  • Dental fear and anxiety will be replaced with feelings of peacefulness and relaxation.
  • You don’t have to experience pain during the appointment, whether from the necessary treatment or from keeping your mouth open for long periods of time.
  • We are able to work faster and can cut down your number of visits for more serious procedures.
  • Patients with low pain tolerance, sensitive teeth, and gag reflexes can have seamless appointments.
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