Round Rock Pediatric Dentist

Pediatric dental exams and cleanings in Round Rock

Round Rock pediatric dentist
Round Rock pediatric dentist

A dental exam and teeth cleaning every six months goes a long way toward promoting and maintaining your child’s oral well-being. At The Smile Spot, we at Round Rock pediatric dentist are committed to helping your him or her to avoid the effects of tooth decay, which are cavities, toothaches, and possibly early extraction of a tooth.

Dental plaque is the primary reason why decay occurs. Combatting it requires a comprehensive strategy that combines what she or he does at home with visits to see our Round Rock pediatric dentist. Regular brushing is essential, and so is using the proper technique. The same is true of flossing. It’s not enough to simply go through the motions. No matter how exacting your child’s oral hygiene routine is, though, there is typically some amount of plaque that escapes the reach of the brush and the floss. It then hardens into tartar, for which there is no effective way to deal with without our Round Rock pediatric dentist. When your child comes in, the first thing done is to inspect his or her teeth visually and physically. X-rays are taken in order to spot cavities. The sooner that they are treated, the less likely there is to be complications. That takes care of dealing with existing effects of tooth decay, but it’s also important to prevent future occurrences. That’s where a teeth cleaning comes in. Plaque and tartar are eradicated. It’s like being able to hit the reset button when it comes to dental health. It’s not a guarantee of no tooth decay, because nothing can do that. But it reduces the chances of it between visits.

Our Round Rock pediatric dentist will work with you to take care of your child’s teeth. Just contact our office and let us find a convenient time for you to bring him or her in for a six month checkup.

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